Omdat je nooit weet wanneer je het nodig gaat hebben

Tutorials: 7 new courses on writing!

This is a huge update! I’ve written 7 full-length, high-quality courses containing everything I know about writing and publishing stories. (Including images, examples, challenges, etcetera. Though more of that will come in the future.)

The courses I’m talking about are Storytelling, Plot, Character, Worldbuilding, Prose, Dialogue and Publishing.

I recommend you start with Storytelling. It’s a course for beginners that takes you through the process of writing a story from start to finish, and links to the other (more specific) courses whenever needed.

Besides that, I’ve also added tutorials on HTML and CSS (coding languages required for creating websites). I wanted to add more website languages, but this update was already huge and I ran out of time. Those will arrive next year, with the next “batch” of tutorials.

Is that all? No! I had a long list of fixes and improvements to all my websites, though especially Pandaqi Tutorials, and finally managed to execute all of it. In short: all my websites have been updated and improved.

Such a short post like this really doesn’t do justice to the massive amount of free educational content I have added. I hope many people give it a try and learn from it!

The plan is to do one such (massive) update each year. Over time, new ideas pop up and new issues with my current websites/content reveal themselves. Additionally, writing a batch of related tutorials makes more sense than writing them one by one (with lots of time between them).


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